Infinite love and wisdom to all! Welcome to my nest, my name is Jamaal Pope, however, I have adopted the online persona and eventual pen name Fenixx Pope. For as long as I could remember, art has run through my veins. I have had intense visuals since young, and have experienced what many would consider to be “paranormal” events, usually involving lucid dreaming. When I first started this blog, I focused primarily on poetry as a vehicle of expression. It has been a great ride, however, upon diving into my deepest emotions and past experiences has forced me to revamp my site. While poetry will still be at the forefront, I want to help other people reach and find their authenticity. I believe that everyone should strive to find the core of who they are, but I find that most people have trouble doing this. Whether it is reading some of my writing, watching videos and listening my podcasts, or connecting with me one on one, I would love to show you that you can be exactly who you really want to be. Thank you for stopping by!